1. S

    I just started reading your blog recently! I have an 18 mo old boy (as well as a 3.5 year old girl) and he sounds similar to your little one! He also HATES diaper changes, but luckily seems to be getting slightly better about it recently. Needless to say, diaper changes around here have involved getting poop all over the place and tons of screaming. He’s also an early riser! Up too early in my opinion, but he seems to be OK with it 🙂 He started saying mama and dada early on, but he didn’t really start saying more words on a regular basis until about 15 months, and even that I think that might be on the early side, especially for boys who seem much more physically-oriented in these toddler months. Your little one is daring and I’m glad you’re enjoying him.

    • Annie

      Your little guy doesn’t sound similar, we are always chasing after him! They are so much fun, I’m glad to hear your son was similar with talking. I think your right, when they are more interested in moving the words come later on.Thanks so much for reading!!

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