1. Lily

    I totally agree with you about reading the same book at bedtime. We read “The Going to Bed Book” and as soon as K hears “…and they rock and rock and rock to sleep” he starts yawning and rubbing his eyes. At this point I don’t even take the book out anymore, I’ve just got it mesmerized. Ha!

  2. Natalie

    Love your blog! I am bad at having “me” time as well, I never feel like there is enough time! Glad you got a snow day to have extra down time! I was hoping for one today too, but no such luck. Lovely sweaters!! Love the lace on the second one! I have read about threadup before, but never tried it! Maybe it’s something I should look into. I did a big closet clean out a few years ago, but I just donated everything to goodwill, next time maybe it’s time to try threadup! What kind of bookkeeping do you do? Those orchids look amazing, I always want to buy them when I see them at the store (I was given one as a gift about a year ago, but it died 🙁 I don’t think my apartment is well suited for plants). Glad you didn’t get one though if your cat might eat it, I think they are poisonous to cats (although I just googled this again and it looks like maybe they aren’t as bad as I was told.(yay!)) ! Aaaaand thought I would add…. those fries look delish!

    • Annie

      Thank you for reading!! There is truly never enough time for anything but sometimes you just have to make it happen!
      I do work as a Quickbooks Bookkeeper for a business consultant, it’s fun and totally different from hygiene and I can do it from home!!
      ThredUP is great, I always just donated before too which is great but sometimes I feel like I spent so much money I should get something for my nicer stuff!!
      And, the fries were great… tavern in the square! 🙂

  3. Natalie

    That sounds cool! Would love in the future to have something like that part time instead of hygiene 24/7, its just so hard on the body!! Yeah, I agree with that! Oh! No kidding, there is a tavern in the square right by one of my work places!

  4. S

    Does thredup accept used clothes that have wear? It looks like they only accept things in perfect condition, and the payouts seem so
    Low (like under a dollar for a lot of things) how were you able to make out with $200? I’m super curious cause I’d love to try it

    • Annie

      My clothes were used but most in excellent condition I would say. The first time I sent items in they were higher end… a Burberry shirt that was gifted to me and never worn, a Michael Kors wallet new with tags, a few Coach purses. I think with this round I will get much less for my items but I love the ease of it. I tried selling a few of my things online in Facebook yard sales but got no interest and it’s just more time consuming so for me, if I get a little something thats great and if not at least it was easy! But I do agree the payouts seem low on a lot of items.

  5. I like ThredUp but have never gotten much for anything (sometimes its just worth hanging onto something in case I’ll ever wear it again). Most of my stuff is like JCrew special occasion dresses, etc.

    • Annie

      I never truly checked my cash out on items other then the designer ones I sent in but I imagine most were not worth it! The few designer items I did get quite a good amount!

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