1. Lily

    Can’t wait to make these!! Going on my meal plan list for next week. I love love love when you post your recipes. I haven’t been disappointed yet.

  2. Natalie

    Do you think applesauce would work instead of yogurt? I’m not a fan of yogurt. Probably wouldn’t bother me so much in baking but I’m more likely to have applesauce on hand. This seems like a chocolate covered katie ish recipe! Did you make it up yourself?!

    • Annie

      Try applesauce and let me know, I bet it works great!! And I did come up with it last weekend! I based it loosely on a few other recipes I saw. The first batch I added shredded Zucchini but I think I’m getting a little out of hand with the hidden veggies haha!

      • Natalie

        I will let you know if I do that! That’s so great, I always wish I could make up recipes. Sometimes I do fiddle with the ingredients but I get scared I’ll mess it up. Haha hidden veggies are great! I made black bean brownies once and brought them to a party and people were like omg who made these???? They are so good! They didn’t even believe me when I told them what was in them!

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