1. Lily

    Love those clothes!! I have to make a Target run this weekend. Hopefully it will be baby free and I can try some stuff on. My wardrobe need some serious updating, it still mostly maternity items. 😝

    • Annie

      Maternity is so comfy though! I didn’t buy much spring stuff yet because it’s still freeeezing here but I will be back. Yay for baby free target!

  2. I was feeling really run Dow on day 5 of Whole 30. I also lost about 5 lbs even though you aren’t supposed to weigh yourself. And you done need to lose a pound. I wonder how your chronic pain feels? Notice any improvements?

  3. cclemer

    I am the same way with early mornings! (I got up at 4 today…) My husband thinks I’m nuts, but I my day is SO much better if I have some time to myself to start the day…especially with this week’s unpredictable naps! I hope you get your mornings back soon!!

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