1. I started it and I love the food. I’ve done other even more restrictive elimination eating plans like “The Plan” – OMG. Whole 30 is a cake walk compared to that food prep. But I didn’t make the 30 days. I am sticking to the core tenants (sugar, wheat, dairy) as much as possible and ramping up veggies big time. And I feel better all around.

    I’m glad you listened to your body.

  2. It’s interesting that you felt that way. It made me think of a few years ago when I was struggling to find a diet that would work for me and that I could stick to. One of them, I ate basically fish and broccoli for dinner every night (I can’t remember the rest of the meals), but I felt soo tired all the time, I would try to exercise and could barely do anything for more than 10 mins.
    I actually always thought of you as someone who ate healthy (remember we would both have veggie snacks in classes?).
    Some of the meals sound good, I am glad you can use some of the recipe ideas again. The pomegranate salad looks awesome!
    I try to eat healthy too, but I find it makes it worse when there are certain things you CAN’T have at all.. and I feel a lot better now than when I was trying different diets. (I know you weren’t doing this to diet don’t worry!)
    I have kind of given up on trying new restrictive meal plans, I find it is easier to just do my best…we already know what foods are best for us.
    ALSO I wouldn’t say your chocolate at lunch time and after dinner treat is bad! I always have dessert after dinner, usually chocolate….usually too much chocolate actually (sometimes moderation is soo harddd). I’m actually super sad if I don’t get dessert, my meal never feels complete! 🙁 If you have any tips for trying to eat smaller dessert portions let me know!
    Last weekend was the last weekend for girl scout cookies at our stop and shop, and my boyfriend said he would get some when he went shopping…I was working, and checked my phone at one point and saw he had texted me asking if there was anything else I needed at BJs….and I was scared that he had forgotten about S&S, so I said cookies?? AND FOR SOME REASON HE THOUGHT I MEANT GET COOKIES AT BJS (which he always wants to do but I don’t let him)…so I got home to a HUGE platter of cookies on top of 4 boxes of girl scout cookies. HELP! I WANT TO EAT THEM ALL AT ONCE! LOL

    • Annie

      Hahaha oh my gosh I love this post! I always want dessert after meals! I know exactly what you mean when you just don’t feel like a mea is complete!
      Sometimes it’s a small piece of chocolate, sometimes a big bowl of ice cream. But I also love popcorn and will pop a big bowl and add some fruit and some chocolate so then I get a HUGE serving and it doesn’t feel all that bad!

      Also- I think you and I both are healthy! I know what your saying with restrictive diets or elimination diets. It just doesn’t work for us! Eat what we want, in decent portions, when we want it. And, if I don’t get myself a box of those s’mores girlscout cookies I WILL cry!

  3. hahaaa so glad I was like oops I wrote way too much! We have been doing popcorn too!! (I just got a new popcorn maker thing for xmas that I love!) Except I never thought to add stuff in, I think I may try that! I have a new bag of dark choc M&Ms that would work great!

    !! I haven’t tried those onessss are they super good? I wanted them, but there are 2 versions and I wanted the version that wasn’t available! The lemonades are my new favorite, they are so good! (even tho they aren’t chocolate)

    • Annie

      Oh my gosh popcorn deserves all the add-ins! And I haven’t tried the s’mores yet but the lemon is yummy, I love their crunch!

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