Exciting Blog News and Friday Favorites #10!

Hey hey everybody! Happy Friday! Can you believe we change the clocks this weekend and spring forward?! We are SO EXCITED for longer days and warmer weather! Although it is supposed to snow in Boston today and next week 😤 We’re getting there!!

This weekend I am OFF from work and my husband and I are setting out to do some car shopping! I currently drive a Toyota Rav-4 but my lease is coming to an end next month. Although I like my car, the drivers seat is a bit uncomfy and I’m hoping to reduce my monthly payments by a bit! Leasing a car was a great option for us a few years back but I’d prefer to be paying money to something we’ll one day own!

I’m looking at either another used Toyota or a used Kia Sportage. My sister has the Sportage and loves it! Their super cute and pretty reliable now!

What do you drive? Any tips? 

Like always I’m sharing my Friday favorites for the week below!

Athleta Burlington Family Wellness Seminar

Exciting Blog News-Athleta Family Wellness Seminar
This is such exciting blog news! Recently, I was contacted by the Athleta store in Burlington, Ma. to be a speaker as part of their upcoming family wellness seminar along with two other women who own local fitness studios! I’ll be discussing how I balance a healthy life style including exercising and eating well as a new mom ! I am SO excited to be a part of this event! If you are local I sure hope you’ll stop by to say hi! They will be offering all sorts of fun snacks, a raffle, and a coupon for those that attend!

Lypsyl Intense Protection Chapstick

Friday Favorites Lypsyl
Okay. This is HANDS DOWN the best chapstick I’ve ever used. My best friend introduced me to it several years ago and I’ve been obsessed ever since! An ex boyfriend of mine even once bought me an entire stores inventory of it because I love it so much! Unfortunately, it now seems to only be sold online and I recently stocked up on Amazon. Check it out if you’re a chapstick lover like myself!

Chicco 360 Hook On Highchair

Chicco 360 Hook On HighchairChicco 360 Hook On Highchair
L was in desperate need of a new high chair as the one we’d been using was a hand me down and just kinda gross. After reading rave reviews for this Chicco 360 we decided to bite the bullet and order it and I’m so happy we did! L is able to sit up so much higher and I LOVE the ability to take the tray off to clean!

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Friday Favorites Cadbury Mini Eggs
Whyyyyyyy must they put these at the checkout of every store right now! My willpower can only carry me for so long!

That’s all I’ve got!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Do you have a favorite easter candy?? I’d love to hear what below!


  1. Congratulations on the speaking opportunity! That is very exciting (although I’m personally terrified of any type of public speaking lol).

    Picking a high chair is literally at the top of my to do list today…our little guy will start solids in just two and a half weeks! Someone gave us a clip on one that I love, but it doesn’t fit on our dining table 🙁 I wonder if the Chicco one would? I’m going to try to figure out the dimensions (I’m not very good at that..) as I would love to have the hook on kind! Thanks for the recommendation!

    • Annie

      We tried a cheaper hook on at one point, I forget the brand, and it didn’t fit either. This one is great and adjustable so hopefully it will work for you!
      Also… I’m a bit nervous for public speaking 😬

  2. The other day at….I forget which store…anyway, I saw cadbury mini eggs and it reminded me of you lol. I used to love them! But I’m not a big fan of milk chocolate so I haven’t had any recently.

    I might try that chapstick too! I use chapstick constantly. Right now my favorites are the chapstick brand peppermint and KEY LIME!!! The key lime is awesome! I also have a simply brand iced pear flavor that I like, especially in the spring/summer.

    IAMSOSAD! I am working that Saturday, I would have loved to go to the seminar!! :(((((

  3. So proud of you and your speaking gig. You will rock it. I love love love public speaking. Tucks Milk Chocolate solid rabbits are hands down my favorites. Gotta bite those ears off.

  4. Great blog! This is my first time here. Congrats on the speaking engagement, I love Athleta and wish I had a local store. I love my Subaru Outback (since 2011). It’s so roomy and comfortable for family trips, plenty of space for a toddler in a carseat, my dog, and stroller and gear in the back!

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