1. Oh my gosh I am loving the little boy clothes. Probably too much, haha. but buying for both girl and boy is killing my wallet! I am so glad your mom will be out for a week. What a fun time!!! A is LOVING our cat too and it’s adorable. She loves petting him and smiles so big. She also loves giving him kisses, and it’s hysterical when she gets his fur in her mouth and doesn’t understand what that is.

    • Annie

      Buying for both boys and girls must be AMAZING! But I would definitely be broke! L gets the cat hair all over him and doesn’t even notice.. how?!?

  2. Ok Target has the cutest boy clothes!! Even though I am constantly buying ALL the pink things, my eyes always wander over there and hope we have a boy one day! Bow ties = all the heart eyes!! And HOORAY for time with mama bear!!!!! Oh my goodness how exciting!!!! My parents are coming next weekend and I can’t wait!!!

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