1. I hope you get some warm weather soon! I am right there with you regarding shopping – I have way too many clothes, but the spring dresses all look so pretty! So far, I’ve just added things to my cart and abandoned them…hopefully this will continue, but it’s pretty tempting. I’m most excited for wildflowers this spring! The bluebonnets are out in Austin and I love seeing all of the beautiful flowers when we’re out walking.

  2. Love that maxi dress!! All those tops actually, cute finds, friend! I have a love/hate relationship with spring – I love the beautiful blooms and warm temps, but the pollen and allergies here in the south are insane! I could do without the itchy, red eyes, haha! Last spring Adeline was just a wee little babe, and couldn’t really appreciate the pretty flowers, but this year I’ve already seen her run up to them, touch them, pick them (ah!), and it’s so cute!

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