1. What a great list! I honestly haven’t even been wearing makeup most days lately…whoops. I definitely feel a lot more put together if I put on even just bb cream and blush though. I want to try that “pore pudding,” I love charcoal products!

    • Annie

      It’s great and I love that it’s called a pudding haha! I don’t love tons of makeup but it just makes me feel more refreshed and awake looking even if I’m at home in sweats and a tee shirt covered in food!

  2. I’m going to try some of these. And since I’m at your house right now I’m thinking the pudding could be my first one.

    You always look beautiful!

  3. lungingthroughlife

    Is it wrong that I buy all my make up from walmart, ha. I use Covergirl the most. I’m a cheapo. Though I did tell my husband after this kiddo I’m getting a good skin care set because I need to not look any older than I am! ha My make up routine takes 5 minutes tops. BB cream, concealer, foundation, powder, eye shadow, liner, mascara. I actually don’t know how people spend so much time on make up lol

    • Annie

      I have always bought cheapo CVS makeup. That hot pink mascara… definitely my go to! If I hadn’t had gift cards I never would’ve spent money on better makeup!

  4. Dawn

    I was an 80s girl so I’ve worn my fair share of heavy makeup but as an adult I mostly avoid it except for special occasions. I generally just slather on moisturizer and call it a day. My biggest issue isn’t necessarily application…it’s that I hate taking the time to remove it or wash my face at night. I’d love to know if you have an my recs for good cleansers or makeup removers, especially for waterproof products!

  5. I’m the same way. Makeup better take under 20 minutes because nobody got time for that. Ha! Just kidding. When I decide to get really dolled up I give at least 40 minutes. Tarte has such great products.

  6. This is a great list! It’s important to feel good about yourself as often as you can, so if a little bit more makeup is what you need to give you that confidence boost then I’m glad you’re rocking it! I can never find a perfect everyday look for my face, I either slum it with no makeup/effort or I go all out with a full face (a look I’d never have time/patience for every day).

    Great post, keep them coming!

    Gemma xo

    • Annie

      Thank you! And so true, just a splash of makeup can make such a difference in how I feel. Or sunless tanner, thats also one of my favorites!!

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