1. lungingthroughlife

    What a fun weekend with your mom. Poor L though with the molars. A has been waking up earlier and earlier and it’s driving me insane. I don’t know what her deal is. We played that game with friends and it is HILARIOUS!!!

  2. What a great time we’ve had. Sad to leave tomorrow but grateful for airplanes, technology and the flexibility to be able to visit. MA is too cold for me full time!!!


  3. sweetandstrongblog

    My mom and I do all these activities too when we’re together! Sounds like you had a great weekend. And hoping you get some spring like temperatures soon, we’re just starting to here in DC.

    • Annie

      I saw a friends pictures on Facebook from D.C. this past weekend and it looked beautiful!!! Enjoy that warm weather for us!

  4. I’ve never played that game, but I LOVE board games / games of any kind, so will have to try that one! That sounds like such a wonderful weekend with your mom 🙂 My sister visited this weekend, and it was really fun and busy too. Having family around is the best. I hope you get some warm weather soon!

    • Annie

      We love playing board and cars games too! This one was totally different and hilarious!!! I’m glad you had fun with your family 🙂

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