1. He is such a cutie, those cheeks!! I love the teepee and the tunnle too – I added it to my cart for when my guy is a little older. He is already always on the move lol, so I feel like it’ll be necessary. I read really great things about Early intervention on the http://carrotsncake.com/ blog. I agree, if the service is there, why not give it a try!

    • Annie

      They never stop moving once they start!! And I read about her experience as well, I’m excited to start working with them!

  2. lungingthroughlife

    EI is the best and I’m glad you are going to take advantage of it! Honestly there is no harm and pretty awesome to have that resource. Has he had ear infections? I’ve heard numerous people say their children don’t talk much because of all the ear infections they’ve had. Hope the ngihts get easier soon!

    • Annie

      I’m excited to start! I think he’ll enjoy it and it’ll be great for us to know how to help him. He hasn’t had any ear infections surprisingly, and thankfully!

  3. This is such a great documentation of L life (and your’s). You will be really happy when you can go back and refer to it. I love it. And I’m glad he likes his tent. I love the parachute.

    I know L’s lack of vocabulary can cause concern. But if I had a dollar for everything I was concerned about with my first (your sister) that turned out fine, I’d have at least $150.

  4. Christina Rodriguez

    My sister provides early intervention services thru the Lipton center. 😉 L will do great! Keep us update on how he’s doing with it.

    We have the same Chicco hook on chair. We keep it in my car for when we are visiting friends/relatives who don’t have a high chair or seat for Ava.

    L is soooo cute! I cannot wait for Ava & I to meet him!

    • Annie

      Oh she does! That’s good to know! I love this high chair, we use it every day because our condo is small and its great to have the extra space but it is perfect for travel is well! Xoxo

  5. Sweet boy! I could imagine your mama heart being concerned, for sure! I’m sure everything is fine – one thing I’ve learned is that all babies hit milestones at SUCH different paces, it blows my mind! I can’t believe he is 30 lbs, hahaha, what a chunk of lovin’ he is!! Another one of my mom friend’s little boys is 17 months and he’s also 30+ lbs. I feel like boys are just bigger!! I wouldn’t be too worried about his weight yet!

    • Annie

      He is certainly a big boy but my husband is pretty tall and broad as well so I’m sure he’s just taking after his dad! L shockingly doesn’t even have that big of an appetite!

  6. Laura Peterson

    about the eating dinner in the living room, some days me and lilly sit on the floor together to eat…. or she will eat only off my plate… with MY fork only.. lol! karen told me… WHATEVER WORKS! and def not creating bad habits! xo <3

  7. Hi Annie! Your photos of you and your adorable son are precious and heartwarming. I love the advice you received from your cousin who has two older boys. It’s always nice to receive advice from someone who has already been there and done that—it’s reassuring. 🙂

    • Annie

      Thank you! It is so nice to have others to rely on sometimes for advice. I did fall into a trap in the beginning when he was first born to google any and everything… that was bad! But friends/family advice is the best!

  8. 21flavorsofsplendor

    This is a great way to make sure you remembering all the little things we often forget as our kids grow. Having services such as Early intervention is so important if you need them. My twins were not talking at 18 months and although they were speech delayed, at 5 years old you would never know. Sometimes kids just talk when they are ready. 😉

    • Annie

      I truly love having a blog for that reason, to document and remember so many fun moments! Sure, it is scary putting it all out there but I love it! And that makes me happy to hear that they have no trouble now! I am sure my son will be totally fine and if EI wasn’t an option I don’t think he would struggle in the future. Thanks for reading!

  9. I love that he’s getting early intervention! I babysat a child that barely spoke up until he was two. He speaks completely fine now at 3 and I truly attribute it to the early intervention he received! Your boy is beautiful and perfect!

    • Annie

      Oh yay, I’m so glad to hear that! I am excited for it and know that it’ll be helpful! 🙂

  10. christinekeysyt

    He is too cute! Our little guy had a rough time at 16 months with teething. We had also moved house the month before, so sleep suffered a little bit. Thankfully it all smoothed out before too long. 🙂

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