1. Haha those pictures with the bunny are hilarious! Poor little guy. I think L shows good judgement, that bunny really is a little scary looking lol. We haven’t done pictures with the Easter bunny yet, this is a good reminder! My little guy is still pretty easy going with who’s holding him, so I should probably take advantage of that while it lasts….

  2. Dawn

    I completely relate to trying to do activities on the cheap. I’ve recently found a few programs that help with that…. If you have a credit or debit account at Bank of America you can get free entrance to some museums through the “Museums on Us ” program. You can also look into reciprocal museum memberships to see which might get you the best member benefits. For example, a Museum of Science membership will get your regular admission not just there but at hundreds of other museums around the country…however, you might save more money by buying a membership at the Ecotarium in Worcester (which also gets you into the MoS). Zoo or children’s museums also offer similar deals and reciprocal agreements. Also, don’t forget to check your local library for free passes to local museums and attractions. When L gets a bit older, you can also look into deals for local symphony orchestras (often cheaper than Boston) or explore “rush” tickets for last minute seat filling deals.

    • Annie

      Wow!!! I never knew about the BoA deals, or the reciprocal memberships. Thanks for all the tips!!!

    • Annie

      Our first Santa pic was amazing and perfect, this past Xmas was absolutely awful. I think the next few years probably will be too!

  3. This yar isn’t going to go well with the Easter bunny haha I know it. We were supposed to see him Saturday but plans got rescheduled. I’m with you on cheap activities. The library and mall play area are our best friends ha.

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