1. lungingthroughlife

    Aww love it! I’m trying to teach A to toughen up haha. We don’t give in to her tantrums but I definitely give her hugs and kisses when she falls. But some she should just get up and brush off. I’m just a sucker lol Need to work on it!

  2. I absolutely love this movement. I’m not a mother, but it brings me so much joy to see mothers taking time to reflect on why they are INCREDIBLE people. The fact that you can raise another human being is something that isn’t taken lightly!

    • Annie

      Thank you so much!! It’s pretty amazing and some days I truly think I have no clue what I’m doing! I think it’s a great challenge for moms (and people in general) to recognize what they ARE good at!

  3. I love this post. It is so important to stay focused on what is working. And in hindsight I can tell you that letting children to learn to work out frustration instead of always rescuing them sets them up for success in the world. It is the truth. I’ve watched you mother and while I’m not the most objective person (as your mom) I love the mother you are. You ebb and flow, come close and then give space. xoxoox Keep writing. It is so beautiful to read.

  4. Thank you for Tagging me Annie!!! I will work on the post this week! What a sweet, patient mama you are! Lucky baby!!

    • Annie

      Ah not always so patient. I unfortunately have a temper and loose my cool quickly, something I am constantly working on! Xox

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