1. Such a good idea to go to the dollar store for this! My little guy is only six months so I didn’t get him a basket this year, but I did get him a really cute children’s Bible and my mom got him a stuffed bunny. Holidays are already so much more fun and I can only imagine it gets better as they get more aware / excited!

  2. Momma To Go

    My son is 8 he’s getting a fidget spinner and a lot of candy. Baby girl is 5 she’s getting shopkins!

    • Annie

      I don’t even know what a fidget spinner is but now I’m going to go check it out! I know as my son gets older I will pack his basket with candy, it’s just what I grew up having and know he will too!

  3. Love these ideas, I did a post similar to this a couple of years ago because I had so many parents at the school where I worked asking for ideas! Dollar store type places are so perfect for this and its so much more fun shopping for all the little bits than just picking up a run of the mill choccie egg at the supermerket!

    • Annie

      I was shocked by how much the dollar store had! They will definitely be my go to for little trinket gifts from now on!

  4. alittleheavenly

    These are awesome ideas with Easter right around the corner! Less sugar and more affordable!

  5. livewellplaytogether

    These are egg-cellent 😉 ideas! I love the idea of non-candy baskets. I’m hoping to pick up some books and fun outdoor things (like bubbles) for Little!

  6. Great ideas! I think the Hunt itself is the fun! I love these sugar free options – I also like books, I’ve done legos and stickers, too! Chocolate is great (don’t get me wrong) but ti shouldn’t be the focus!

    • Annie

      Legos and stickers, that’s a good idea! I’ll remember them for next year when he (hopefully) won’t be shoving everything in his mouth still!

  7. We have that little duckling book! I am all for treat free baskets. Honestly, the kids are little and have NO idea it is traditionally filled with candy anyway! They only know what we teach them (until a certain age)

  8. Kimberly @ Berly's Kitchen

    This is such a great idea. I’ve never been a huge fan of giving a ton of candy to little kids. Love your ideas for alternatives. The watercolors caught my attention!

  9. These are great ideas. I have an almost 5 month old so candy is out of the question for a while. This year she’s just getting a little basket with books and a little Easter Minnie Mouse plush doll to snuggle with in time. I love your ideas. I’ll keep them in mind as she gets older.

    • Annie

      So cute! I couldn’t get my act together last year for the holidays so this is the first year we’re really celebrating any of them for our son. So much fun!

  10. I did many of the same ideas because I just do not want to give my toddler candy! I did bubbles, play dough, and a stuffed animal, but I love the water paints idea! I also added a little gardening kit.

    • Annie

      A gardening kit sounds so fun!! I love how many little things you can find that aren’t sweets. I know one day that’s what he’ll want and expect but I hope to push it off for a bit!

  11. amongstouts

    Every year you will find my kids with a stuffed animal and book in their baskets and little candy! I have actually never thought to use the Annies Bunny crackers in the eggs though, love the idea and will use for my 2yr old this year!

  12. lungingthroughlife

    Such great ideas! I actually went to the dollar store for some of A’s too. We did end up getting a few other things we wanted for the summer and just ended up making them “for easter” but seriously the dollar tree was a gold mine!

  13. We did do a couple of Easter candies in our boys’ baskets this year. However, I would much rather put in non-candy items that they can use for much longer. We also included a few small toys, a book, and a lap pad for the car for each boy!

    • Annie

      Those are great ideas! I think candy and sweets are totally fine in small doses. I know I eat my fair share!

  14. Christina R.

    I got everything for Ava’s Easter Basket at Michael’s. Egg shaped sidewalk chalk, tic-tac-toe with bunnies & carrots, play dough, a little chic that chirps when you hold it, an egg shaped wash cloth with a chick on it… She mostly liked the fake pink grass!

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