1. lungingthroughlife

    Are those cups leak proof? I have such a busy weekend and sort of dreading it, lol. It’ll all be fun though. Love the watercolors! I should look into those. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Annie

      It’s not leak proof completely but not much dribbles out if he knocks it over and the spout isn’t closed. It’s better then some of the sippys I’ve used! And I hope your weekend is fun, even though busy and you’ll be away from A a lot!

  2. Isn’t it lovely to treat yourself to a manicure?! I love the colour you went for – entering the seasons for brighter nails is always exciting!

  3. I love manicures but especially when I go with my daughters!!! Good luck tomorrow. You will be great. For me – I’m heading to Monterey CA to work with lawyers and non profit leaders to help them avoid getting emotionally triggered during challenging customer service interactions! Love Monterey. Xoxo

    • Annie

      WOW! Exciting weekend! I’d be nervous to work with lawyers! Wish I were in Monterey, so beautiful!

  4. Excited to spend the weekend with some friends! (All our husbands have an exam on Monday so we’re going to occupy ourselves with hikes and wine, haha!)

    I live in a rural town so I don’t get a manicure as often as I would like. When I lived in California, i’d get one every other week!

    • Annie

      Hikes and wine sounds like the perfect weekend to me!! My coworker uses the at home gel manicure kits and says they work pretty well but I can never paint my nails as well as someone else can.

  5. Faye

    You will knock it out of the park on Saturday, wish I could be there. We will be getting ready to go on vacation Sunday.

  6. Thewifeslife

    I enjoy treating myself to a manicure occasionally also. I love the color you chose. I also love turtles. They are divine!

  7. jessicadevlin

    i’ve been a nail bitter for ever so no manicures here. i managed to grow them out last year for a few months but stressful times killed that. i guess i should try again!

    • Annie

      I actually am too, the girl kind of made fun of my short nails yesterday! But wearing gel for a few months in a row helped me break my habit, unfortunately since having our son and not regularly getting mani’s my bad habit is back 🙁

  8. livewellplaytogether

    That nail color is SO PRETTY! I want to try it now. We also cooked on the grill recently – I’m glad it’s that season again!

    And, how sweet are those little watercolors! Little liked his ok, but prefers finger paints for sure!

  9. Time flies with kids!!! My oldest just turned four and I SWEAR he was just born! I love the color of your nails! I had to order it!

  10. roseclearfield

    Enjoy your relaxing weekend! I love the nail color, and it’s so exciting to be able to grill and eat outside again!

  11. Laura

    I’m not sure about the manicure bc I have tiny nails, I always feel like it’s such a waste for me. But I’m really just interested in lanceys bangs ❤❤❤❤❤

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