1. lungingthroughlife

    Aww poor L! Something must have been bothering him. I love that you guys got to rest in bed. Seriously it’s needed as parents every once in a while. The do list will still be there. The high from my weekend was the bachelorette party but low was that I didn’t get to enjoy either of Annabelle’s naps this weekend so I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. Also, wine slushie?! Yessss!!

    • Annie

      Your weekend looked so fun but SO busy! I’d be exhausted if I were you! But time away from being “mom” is always nice!

  2. Lily

    Ugg I think this was a weekend of tantrums for everyone!! I recorded a video so I can show KC when he’s older and say “this is what I had to deal with. Come over here and cuddle me. I deserve it”

    Also can we please get wine smoothies in July?!?

  3. High: Pictures and videos of L. that I get on my phone.
    Low: Wishing I could snuggle that boy.
    High: Gardening all afternoon on Sunday and first dinner outside on the patio!

    Miss you

    • Annie

      I was thinking the same thing!! I’m going to excitement this weekend, if I find a good recipe I’ll be sure to share!

  4. This made me smile Annie 🙂 L’s facial expression at those tacos was too much. Hate that feeling I get when my little person doesn’t care for what I made. But when he’s scarfing it down, it puts me on cloud 9. We’re going through teething too right now. Hang in there…makes for crazy roller coaster weekends 😉

    • Annie

      Ah yes!! All the tantrums all the time! Sorry your going through it too! I had no clue they’d start so young but maybe they’ll grow out of this phase soon!

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