1. It really is hard to find balance! I’m still new to blogging, so don’t have any answers, but definitely hear what you’re saying 🙂 I find myself writing posts in my head when I’m with my family though and I don’t like that. It is definitely a struggle to stay present.

  2. lungingthroughlife

    I still haven’t found the balance. It wasn’t always this hard. The blog world has just exploded and it’s SO hard to get your name out there and followers and sponsored posts and such. I am glad you put your phone down but even after my social media free weekend, I feel like I’m just as bad! It’s just SO easy to get trapped into it. But you’re right- A now knows and will do things she shouldn’t if I’m not watching or she is trying to get my attention. It’s terrible!

  3. Be You and Thrive

    Hi Annie! You’re most definitely not alone my new friend! Social media is a gift and a time-suck! It has offered me incredible connections that I am so grateful for, yet it is also a distraction from real life. I have set boundaries as a balance. I set a specific amount of time in the morning and mid-afternoon. I always always take Sundays off from all technology. I think we individually need to find our unique place for it. It is not real life—sure, it is a vehicle to share our unique gifts, voice and passions. But may we not miss what each day offers us because of it! p.s.: Due to the fact you’re feeling this way, you’ll find your solution!

    • Annie

      I’m glad to know I’m not alone! Half my family lives on the west coast, opposite from me, and I totally agree, we are so lucky to have social media to keep those connections strong. But it definitely can be a huge distraction from real life! I love the idea of taking Sunday completely off, I might try that for myself!

  4. I’ve been running my business for several years and much of it is on line (as you well know since I’m your mom). I often have found that friends, family and such just don’t understand what the pressure is when your revenue is predominantly generated through on line presence. It isn’t 9-5 and when you are an entrepreneur, it is nearly impossible to unplug.

    But here is the reality: It is impossible to be creative, innovative and fresh when you are fried. The research shows that the more under pressure you are, the more mistakes you make. When you are interrupted, the change of mistakes increase by something like 28% and it when interrupted, it takes you 24 full minutes to get back into a task at the same level you were in it before the interruption.

    So to truly be wise with your time, avoid errors and to be the most creative and innovative possible, you must begin to set aside specific time to work your blogging business. I know, I know. What if you don’t feel creative during that time period? Use voice record on your phone to capture brief notes about what inspires you during the moment and then refer back to it during your “writing time”.

    At first it will be tricky to get into the swing and make the transition to dedicated time but eventually your brain will join in and as soon as you sit down to write, create, post….you will.


    • Annie

      That’s a great idea! I keep notes in my phone when I get a good idea (usually at 2 am). Thanks for the great tips! You work your butt off and are great at what you do 🙂

  5. It seems like so many bloggers have been saying this lately. I’m one of them. I’m not sure what the balance is or how to find it. I just know that if it’s something I enjoy doing, I should keep doing it because it’s my outlet. I’m really struggling with turning it all off once my son and hubby are home in the evenings though.

  6. I’m right there with you. I tend to check social media only 3x per day- in the morning, at lunch time and after Buel goes to bed. I schedule my Facebook posts and post to Instagram during those windows, usually. My blog posts is where I’m struggling the most, since I try not to be on my phone all day and forget to take pictures!

    • Annie

      I hear you!! Good idea on scheduling ahead of time. There’s so many great programs available to help with that. But like you said, I’m just not taking as many pics now (or L won’t sit still for me to get them) so I don’t have tons to show!!

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