1. This list made me happy 🙂 I love summer too! Thanks for sharing the information on patio gardens – I want to start a garden, but haven’t made it happen. I feel like this might be the perfect compromise for me this year!

    • Annie

      I’ve attempted a garden once with no success. I think I over watered and everything got moldy. My mother and father are both unbelievable in the garden, growing all sorts of beautiful flowers and veggies. I’ve asked how they both learned and my dad says “pick up a book” and my mom grew up in the florist business so she just picked it up as she went. Let me know if you give one a try!

  2. lungingthroughlife

    Oh my gosh what a fun bucket list! I need to make one of these. I’m hoping to get to an amusement park with just Aaron. It’s been years since we’ve been (since I couldn’t ride when pregnant). We’re also hoping to get to a kids amusement park for annabelle this summer! We have one vacation, one wedding at the end of this month, and hopefully lots of boating!

    • Annie

      That sounds like a blast! I am not a fan of roller coasters and my husband definitely is not but they always look so fun!

  3. So jealous of your free board in your hometown! I love visiting there but have never spent more than a day. Our family has a tradition of visiting at least once a year…can’t wait to go this year! One of my favorite things there are the oreo cones at one of the ice cream shops…they also have a cookie one that my boyfriend likes.
    I hope you get to do everything on your list! Hopefully you’ll be able to relax and read a bit on beach days! What are the other books on your list?

    • Annie

      Somehow, I have never had a fancy ice cream cone. HOW?!! Always just a regular old sugar cone or waffle cone but I think I’ll add one of those to my list!

  4. livewellplaytogether

    What a fun list! We’ve been to the beach last weekend and I hope we get to go often this season! I can’t wait to go to the museums and the farmers’ market this summer!

  5. I love it! I’m taking a few days off just to hang out and go to the Farmer’s Market. I’m looking forward to grilling, lots of trips to the park, a few days at Lake Michigan, ice cream, biking and family walks! We have a few trips planned and I also want to get to Chicago for some festivals, head to a few outdoor concerts and explore! Ha, now I think I need to make my own post like this so I don’t forget!

    • Annie

      Wow, it sounds busy but all great stuff! I would LOVE to visit Chicago some day (in the warm weather) to explore. It seems like such a cool city!

  6. What a fun bucket list, should make for a great summer! Number one on my bucket list this summer is to slow down and enjoy some nice, leisurely weekends with the family. Maybe do some swimming, stroll the farmers market, nap?!? The last few months have been crazy with the hubs finishing school, so some down time all together sounds amazing.

    • Annie

      NAPS! Take all the naps haha. I seriously love taking a nap in the summer time with the windows open and birds chirping, all that jazz. My husband just finished school in December as well so I know how stressful it is! I hope you have a great summer!

  7. Inspires me to write a summer bucketlist for December when summer comes back here in Australia! Every summer since junior high I have always intented, even fantisised, about having a magical summer of swimming and all the summery adventures, but every summer I would end up chained to my computer 24/7 so I gave up hope. But what if I turned the tides and lived out a memorable summer this time? Anything is possible; with great determination, comes a great summer! Ahh bring summer back now!


    • Annie

      Oh my gosh DO IT! Even for one week or a couple days! Unplug and spend time at the ocean. It is my favorite place ever and I can’t even imagine how beautiful in Australia!

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