1. lungingthroughlife

    Oh the tantrums. I relate to those! What beachbody program are you doing? I love them and think I might do the beachbody on demand after baby to have all the programs at my fingertips. The 30 min ones totally get me.

  2. I had a busy Saturday prepping my 21 day fix meals with Lily, my coach. And now can’t wait to eat them!!! I worked in the garden all day Sunday. Since Friday I’ve lost 4 lbs and I haven’t really started the actual plan yet. Yipeeee!!!


  3. Saturday we spent the day give service to other people. Sunday morning church. Grilled out steaks and enjoyed a wonderful weekend.

  4. Love your post. Like reading a diary! – I always try to rest and have a family time on the weekends, but sometimes life get’s crazy and I end up doing millions things in just one day. I end up tired and wanting to have another weekend soon! Blessings

    • Annie

      Aw thank you! Weekends are best spent relaxing with family but it’s hard when there are errands, cleaning, and work to be done!

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