1. Such creative ideas! He is lucky to have a mama who puts so much work into making sure he gets healthy food 🙂 Also, that zucchini pancake recipe looks so good, I’m definitely going to make that for my little guy!

    • Annie

      It’s hard and some days I get so sick of trying to find foods he will like but in the end its my job to ensure he’s getting everything he needs! Next time Im hoping to try the BLW like your doing though!

  2. lungingthroughlife

    Wow you’re so sneaky and I love it! I need to get better about sneaking them into A’s diet. She hates them. Sometimes she’ll eat broccoli but not as much as I want! Love all these ideas.

    • Annie

      We definitely have our days, or weekends really, where the only veggie he gets is tomato sauce on his pizza… whoops!

  3. livewellplaytogether

    Great tips! We go in phases here, loves veggies, doesn’t want to touch them! I love the idea of adding them to muffins!

  4. My daughter is a little veggie addict and I craved spinach while pregnant, so maybe that has something to do with it! There have been several instances where she did not like a particular food right away. So, our rule is that she has to try it three times, prepared 3 different ways. Like, she did not like steamed broccoli, but she loves it raw. I am also a big fan of making juices and smoothies, as you said! Yummm!

  5. Thewifeslife

    Genius ways of sneaking the veggies in. I love it. I have to do this with my husband.

  6. Ugh, my 2 year old eats like 4 foods, so I feel the pain. He won’t touch unadulterated veggies, so I also hide them in smoothies and baked goods. Thank goodness for those Plum Organics and store brand baby food pouches, too! We depend on those a lot.

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