1. The one and only sounds great! I will have to look into getting that one for the summer. Right now, I am reading The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. It is a memoir and it is fantastic!

  2. lungingthroughlife

    Love getting book ideas! I’m awful at deciding on books to read so this is perfect! Thank you 🙂

  3. The One and Only is not my favorite Emily Giffin book but you are right, they are great summer reads! I’m excited about Into the Water.

  4. seasidesundays

    Ooh, thanks for the new book ideas, I will definitely check out “Into the Water”.

  5. babiestobookworms

    Definitely need to check these out! I am always looking for new books to add to my never ending list!

  6. I’m definitely going to read The Noble Servant by Melanie Dickerson and I’m planning to get started on the Inspector Gamache series by Louise Penny. I’ve been hearing a lot about Into The Water lately, might have to check that one out too!

  7. amh2006

    Haha I love to read but always hated that summer reading list! These, however, look great! Hopefully I can manage to fit one in this summer!

  8. Thanks for this, I’ve been looking for new books to take on my summer holiday but have been so indecisive!

    Dani x

  9. kaitlindcuevas

    I’ve heard great things about Into the Water! It’s def on my list! I pinned yours so I can come back to it next time I’m browsing books on Amazon!

    – Kaitlin

  10. I absolutely love reading. I was the kid who could be found sitting underneath a tree reading at recess. But I sadly don’t have much time for it now because I have 4 kids 6 and under. I’ve been slowly reading through the Outlander series for a year and half now, and am on the 6th installment. Hopefully I’ll finish that one this summer. I wish you luck with your goal to get some reading in this summer!

    • Annie

      Oh my gosh I struggle to fit in the time with just one baby! Good for you for finding even just a few minutes here and there for the series!

  11. I just got Into the Water and I can’t wait to read it! I didn’t know Emily Giffin had an new one out – I’ll be checking that out too!

  12. Ahh! So excited about Into The Water! I’m currently reading ‘Nice is just a place in France’ by The Betches

    Alix | apintsizedlifeblog.com

  13. Cathi

    I just finished reading Into the Water and I did not like it half as much as Girl on the Train. I found it bounced around too much with far too many narrators and I didn’t ger engaged or like any of the characters! And, I was so looking forward to it because it got so much hype.

    • Annie

      I’m trying to read it right now and I know what you mean! I can’t even get into the book really!

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