1. So sweet! My son is a month shy of 18 months…. 😭😭😭 They grow so fast! Love that you are journaling! I know that those will be sweet memories to look back upon.

  2. Ok. This is the most heart expanding thing I’ve ever read. I get so experience and feel in my heart the beauty of you as a mom and a human. I love watching L find who he is in the world because it is like watching you all over again, but this time with the grace of already knowing it is all perfect. Parents don’t get that lens sadly. It is reserved for the elders. But I do try to offer you a few through it when ever I can.

    Beautiful Annie. Just beautiful. What a gift to your son.

  3. I love this so much! My mom kept journals for me and I am doing the same for my daughter. I still look back on my mom’s words and I hope someday my daughter will do the same. It is such a beautiful keepsake.

  4. Lily

    Oh Sissy, this is beautiful. You are such a wonderful mother. I learn so much about you and from you every day. I need to do this. I need to start writing to KC. I can feel your love for L through your words. It’s amazing. I love you guys.

    • Annie

      Thanks sissy <3 Its hard to remember to do it. I often forget but love when I take the time to jot down even a few sentences. Something funny he did, something annoying, a moment that made me happy. It doesn't have to be long but a few times Ive looked back at what I've written and completely forgot about the moment, especially when he was super little

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