1. I’d love to start a container garden! I too would fear I’d just kill them and it would all be a waste. But if you can do it, so can I! 🙂

    • Annie

      You totally can! I have no idea how mine are still alive, and thriving, right now! But give it a shot!

  2. collegeceliackc

    Congrats on the stroller find! I don’t have kids so I can’t relate to the stroller, but I’m definitely always a fan of deals! And most second-hand equipment works perfectly well too!

  3. We are SO not DIYer’s… when we remodeled our house we hired a contractor and now we go to him for everything. The only thing we do at our house is mow the lawn, garden and the snow. 🙂

    • Annie

      Well, I wouldn’t call us the best DIYer’s. Painting is about as far as we go. My dad is a contractor and fabulous but a very busy guy so I take advantage of his help where we can!

  4. We have an Uppa baby umbrella stroller. It’s pretty decent but I here the one that you have is amazing! Good find!

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