1. livewellplaytogether

    Great list! We try to go out later in the day if possible, to help with sun protection. I love your wagon toy set idea! This looks awesome!

  2. These are great tips! The first time I took my baby, now toddler to the beach, I was not prepared for how scary she would find the crashing waves and the weird feeling of sand between her toes. However, when you are prepared with toys, as you suggested, then suddenly it does not seem so bad! Safety and snacks are also definite musts!

  3. Bethany

    As a mom of three, I completely agree with these tips! I would just add water and snacks to the list and then you definitely have everything you need.

  4. brittanyputman15

    These are great tips! Our first baby will be here soon and I just know that these tips will come in handy next summer.

  5. This is super helpful. We have been twice to the beach with my boys and it is a mission and a half! And we totally forgot toys both times!

  6. Kelsie

    This is a great list! I used to think the tents were dumb, but now I use them at the pool, park, and beach with our three month old!

  7. When you and your sister were about 5 years old, I got you started making your own mini cooler of snacks. You got to put in what you wanted and you learned to carry them yourselves. You also carried your own towels and what ever “toys” you wanted (my theory is you have an ocean and sand – those are the toys). When you understood that you carried what you wanted, you started “needing” less! And managing your own snacks was BRILLIANT because you were always happy and I wasn’t constantly digging into a cooler for either or both of you. Independent kids make independent adults. xoxooxoxox

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