1. I’m so inappropriately excited for Code Black! I just love that show. I think you turned me on to it. I also can wait for our visit and some summa’ in Rockport!

  2. livewellplaytogether

    I’m sure you are loving the warm weather – look how happy L looks running around! Good for you for getting your fitness on! I’ve got to step my game back up! We had some really rainy weeks a while back and it totally threw me off!!

    Happy almost Friday, Mama!

  3. I feel you on the struggle- that’s why I’m taking my little blog break. Needed to step back to close out my work busy season so every free moment is either spent with my family or on self care!

    • Annie

      YAY! So glad you decided to take a break! You’ve been blogging for so much longer then I have, your are amazing!

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