1. This is interesting! So did they think he was behind where he should be developmentally? Sounds like they are giving you some great tools to use ๐Ÿ™‚ the ankle weights is intriguing. My daughter is very high energy and gets upset sometimes easily over nothing… wondering if weights would be helpful for her. He just wears them around for a bit and then takes them off? Is it during a particular activity or anything or just random?

    • Annie

      They do think his speech is delayed as he is not saying any words and up until the last week or two he really wasn’t babbling. He does have his own form of “hi” and a few other words that only we can distinguish but he’s getting closer! With the weights I don’t think I would personally put them on him without our therapist here, at least not until I know more about it, but she had him wearing them for 15-20 minutes while we were interacting normally… playing, activities, etc. She then had him sit down and concentrate on one game and he was able to longer then a normal day without weights. It didn’t last very long but for about 30 minutes maybe an hour he seemed a bit more relaxed.

  2. What a wonderful service, that’s awesome that it’s going so well! I was just talking to a friend about how helpful weights (a weighted vest in this case) have been for a chidl we know with sensory challenges – I find it so interesting!

    • Annie

      It is super interesting! I was so confused when she brought the weights up but it seemed to help him!

  3. Brave post Annie. So glad to see you sharing your experiences with others. That’s how we all learn. Much love.

  4. Amanda

    Early intervention is the best thing ever. Every first time mom should have the option to go through EI with or without developmental delays. I’ve learned each state is very different in qualifying. Ronnie was in EI from the moment he came home from the hospital until he turned 2. When we moved to NH he no longer qualified. You will learn SO much from them. ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚

    • Annie

      It really is amazing what they can teach you as the parent! Even just tips on handling tantrums and some of his behaviors is so helpful! I’m so happy to hear Ronnie enjoyed it too! He is so big now!

  5. Sarah

    Keirah had EI for speech starting at 19 months made a huge difference she is still in speech in the public school but her speech is great now!!

    • Annie

      It seems to be really common! I am excited that we got him in somewhat early and seriously CANNOT wait until he starts talking! Although I said that with walking too and now sometimes I want him to slow down!

  6. lungingthroughlife

    OH I am so so glad you called for services, Annie! As a teacher, I can’t recommend EI enough. I mean, it’s FREE!! Never hurts to call for any reason you think. I love that he’s making such progress!!

    • Annie

      Me too!! It’s been such a great experience so far, cannot wait to see what else he learns!

  7. That’s so great you’ve got that service available to you for free! In Australia we have the same thing but it’s for ages 0-6. My son who is 5 now was assessed for speech delay when he was 3 and has been in speech therapy since then. He’s also in an early intervention program which work on multiple things for him and tailor the program to fit his needs exactly. After seeing how far he has come I truly agree with the statement that early intervention is key!
    Well done mama for giving your boy the best start possible ๐Ÿ™‚ xo

    • Annie

      Oh that is so great that he has it available to age six!!! I agree – it really is best to get started as early as possible!

  8. I’ve never heard of Early Intervention so thank you so much for posting about it! I’ve always wondered what happens if I take Will to the doctor and he’s behind in development and its always caused me so anxiety. Thank you so much for sharing your experience!

    • Annie

      I only knew about it in the past because I have a friend that works in EI and babysat a little boy that had EI visits. It is such a great program and I love that it is available to families free of cost!

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